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  • Grab some free Pikmin greeting cards and decorations!


    Grab some free Pikmin greeting cards and decorations!

    Need a little extra help spreading the festive spirit this holiday season? Then surprise your family and friends with these Pikmin-themed greeting cards and paper decorations!

    There are three card designs and two tree decorations available to download and print, each one featuring the Pikmin going about their festive preparations.

    Download your cards and paper decorations here:

    Pikmin Greeting Card #1 (PDF, 205 kB)

    Pikmin Greeting Card #2 (PDF, 219 kB)

    Pikmin Greeting Card #3 (PDF, 540 kB)

    Pikmin Paper Decoration #1 (PDF, 205 kB)

    Pikmin Paper Decoration #2 (PDF, 419 kB)

    After you’ve downloaded the cards and decorations, open the file on your computer and then print them onto A4 paper. You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut everything out, so safety first! You'll also need adhesive to stick the two halves of the decorations together.

    If you’re looking for more from the world of Pikmin, head over to our Pikmin Garden website where you’ll find delightful comics, charming short videos, free digital wallpapers and more!