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    Message From the President

    Shuntaro Furukawa

    Representative Director and President

    Nintendo Co., Ltd.

    “Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches”:
    This Is What CSR Means to Us


    With our CSR goal of “putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches”, we constantly examine the best ways for Nintendo to fulfil its social responsibilities through group-wide collaboration.

    In consideration of the social conditions surrounding Nintendo, we set four topics – “consumers,” “supply chain,” “employees” and “environment” – as our CSR priority areas. We continue to implement our CSR activities based on this framework.

    Our four priority areas encompass initiatives that include improving product quality and ensuring product safety, creating an environment where children can play with peace of mind, promoting CSR procurement through communication with our suppliers, building a work environment that fully enables our employees’ various capabilities and reducing the environmental impact of our products and business activities.

    These initiatives are in line with Nintendo’s business goal of providing entertainment that anyone can enjoy regardless of age, gender, past experience and other diverse social backgrounds. We will faithfully continue our efforts, while appropriately disclosing the status of our CSR activities being mindful of our four priority areas.

    While cherishing the Nintendo DNA of originality, flexibility and sincerity that we have long fostered, we are committed to accomplishing our CSR goals alongside our aim to be a company that creates smiles for everyone through entertainment.

    Message From Nintendo of Europe President

    Stephan Bole


    Nintendo of Europe

    Delivering Unique, Intuitive and Fun Entertainment for All
    Regardless of Age, Gender or Gaming Experience


    In July 2018 I was appointed as President of Nintendo of Europe, and by that time I’d already spent more than 30 years working at Nintendo. I feel fortunate to have spent most of my career in a company with such a long history and with people from all over the world, many of whom have also worked for Nintendo for years. I’m proud of our diverse teams, and truly believe that there’s room for everyone at Nintendo. We believe our staff are our most valuable strength, and we’re proud that many employees stay with us for a long time and share our mission.

    That mission, “Putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches”, is at the core of everything we do. First and foremost, by delivering unique, intuitive and fun entertainment for all, regardless of age, gender or gaming experience. But also in the way we deliver this content, and this is where our CSR activities come into action. With our four key priorities – Consumers, Employees, Supply Chain, and Environment – we embrace CSR as part of our culture and part of our brand.

    As one Nintendo, we collectively think about our business from a global angle. At the same time, another principle that we live by at Nintendo, and that is fully embraced here at Nintendo of Europe, is to highly value a local perspective, particularly when it comes to our CSR initiatives. While globally aligning, our European offices, whether in Frankfurt, Madrid, Windsor, Milan or elsewhere, are all dedicated to their local needs, which can vary by region and culture.

    To support our CSR efforts, we established a committee at Nintendo of Europe with members representing different departments and business areas. In 2021 this CSR Head Committee conducted an internal survey among staff, with the goal of shaping a custom CSR approach in Europe with objectives that are relevant to our employees, our consumers, and our socioeconomic surroundings. The outcome of the survey has informed our ongoing work, which is reflected in four subcommittees: ‘Environment’, ‘Procurement’, ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)’, and ‘Social Contribution and Charity’, whose members actively support and raise awareness about the importance of their dedicated topics.

    In everything we do, we continue to act responsibly and in the spirit of putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches, now and in the future.