1. Toys ‘R Us: Where a Grown Man Can Be a Grown Man Shaking Hands With the Ashes of His Childhood.

  2. The Official Nintendorks Top Ten Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Games to Download Before You’re That Thing is D.E.A.D.

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  8. Time to Fish Out Your Parent’s Credit Card, Kids. Super Mario Bros. 3 is Now Available on the Virtual Console! Again!

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  11. Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Ice Beaming of a White Christmas.

  12. Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Mario’s Christmas Carol.

  13. The Legend of Mario: A Link Between 3D Worlds. BOTH GAMES LAUNCH TONIGHT!!!

  14. New Super Mario 3D World Trailer Confirms This Will Be the Greatest Game Forged by Man.

  15. Today’s Nintendo Direct Reveals A Confusing as Shit Payment Method For the Upcoming Wii Sports CLUB.

  16. SNES REVIEW: Mega Man X (A Visual Guide to My Maiden Voyage).

  17. Sengoku 3, the one you want, out on Wii VC

  18. Club Nintendo Update: Metroids, Tanooki’s and Nipples, OH MY.

  19. Call Me Crazy, But This Virtual Console Deal Doesn’t Make Any Sense:

  20. BREAKING: Nintendo Sells Out, Hops Aboard the Rechargeable Battery Bandwagon.

  21. Thursday’s Download: I’m Getting So Sick Of Writing About Kirby.

  22. Hey, The Resident Evil Game That Came Out on 3DS Last Year Now Has A *BORP* Now Has A Free Demo Up For the Wii U Version!

  23. Club Nintendo Update: “You Got Your RPG in My Mario Game!”

  24. Super Hang-On 3DS Trailer Hits the Internet Today. In Related News, Nintendorks.net Author Weeps With Joy.

  25. Thursday’s Download: A Metric Assload of Quality Demos and More Hit Every Nintendo Service Today.

  26. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demos Appear on Both Wii U and the 3DS! If You’re Into That Sort of Thing.

  27. Thursday’s Download: Super C Blasts Right Past the Original Contra and Onto the 3DS.

  28. Pandora’s Tower coming to North America thanks to XSEED

  29. Nintendo Sells a Lot of Wii U’s, Internet Predicts Total Failure.

  30. Club Nintendo Shocker! New Crop of Downloadable Games Offer Up a Decent Selection!

  31. Wii Mini appears to be coming out December 7th

  32. Nintendo Finally Reveals What Virtual Console Enthusiasts Have Been Dying to Hear: “Go F#*% Yourselves.”

  33. NEWSFLASH! Wii U Discs Will Reportedly Feature “Rounded Edges.” Internet Explodes.

  34. ATTN, Club Nintendo Members: Pilotwings For The SNES Is Now “Up” For Grabs!

  35. This Just In: Nintendo Will Soon Be Dropping the Price of their Netflix Player to $130!!

  36. Review: Kirby Dream Collection Special Edition.

  37. Cave Story: The Post in Which I Ruin This Wonderful Game For You Forever.

  38. Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of Shigeru’s List, and will soon see the end of the Nintendorks.

  39. E3: Nintendo shows us some things, some of them are boring

  40. Be Hearing: Iwata reveals various interfaces for Wii U

  41. Nintendo Direct (to the future)

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  43. DRCs: 10-04-11

  44. DRCs: 09-23-11

  45. DRCs: 09-13-11

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  47. A warning about birds

  48. DRCs: 05-06-11

  49. New “Wii Select” titles – $0.01 Cheaper Than Common Whore

  50. Donkey Kong Country Returns: Review

  51. When you’ve reached the future, where else is there to go?

  52. The Nintendo 3DS: Quit Your Goddamn Complaining

  53. High Voltage Software working on 3DS Conduit title

  54. Nintendo is doomed again

  55. Nintendo paints it black

  56. Donkey Kong Country Returns

  57. The Hunt for Red Octember

  58. Wii Party and Mario Sports Mix: A Comparison

  59. Conduit 2: Conspiracies for Kids!

  60. Donkey Kong Country RETURNS

  61. Tournament of Legends: With No Recognizable Legends

  62. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  63. GoldenEye Multiplayer Impressions

  64. Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

  65. Nintendo causes multiple orgasms

  66. Tri to like Monster Hunter Tri

  67. Nintendo discusses 5th year

  68. Nintendo press conference: An event that happened just now

  69. DRCs: 01-26-10

  70. PSA: “Metroid Prime Trilogy” weirdly out of print

  71. DRCs: 01-08-10

  72. Nintendo announces things you can play next year

  73. Review: Need for Speed Nitro (DS)

  74. Review: Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! (Wii)

  75. Nintendo succeeds, fails

  76. A New Chance at Happiness: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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  78. Deep Fishing

  79. Review: Dead Space: Extraction (Wii)

  80. “Wii Sports Resort” Price Increase Creates Savings

  81. Review: Spyborgs (Wii) – Half spy, half.. borg?

  82. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

  83. $199 Wii price drop coming – WHAT ELSE IS NINTENDO HIDING?

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  85. PAX 2009: Gaming for Kids, or, Are Friend Codes Necessary?

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  88. Beginning my Trek up the Cursed Mountain

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  90. In Brief: Sega on the future of “hardcore” Wii games

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  92. DRCs: 07-28-09

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  94. When games take away persistence and perseverance

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  96. Travis’ Scraps From E3

  97. New Zelda better be this gorgeous in actual gameplay

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  99. Virtua Tennis vs. Grand Slam Tennis

  100. How am I supposed to Nitro when there’s only two buttons?

  101. Travis Fails at Video Games: Tiger Woods 10

  102. Quick Impressions! Heroic jockeying of discs! The smashing of spans! Blurcars!

  103. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

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  105. Wii Fit Plus

  106. Some Sort of Red Steel 2 Pun

  107. An Intimate Afternoon With The Conduit

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  109. A Guy Talked A Lot at the Cursed Mountain Booth

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  111. Dead Space: Extraction

  112. My Shattered Memories of Silent Hill

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  114. E3 2009

  115. Gladiator A.D. is Bloody, Will Sell

  116. Developers of Where’s Waldo (NES) to Release Wii Title

  117. DRCs: 05-14-09

  118. DRCs: 05-05-09

  119. Wii HD?

  120. Rhythm Heaven

  121. Wii MotionPlus to be $20, come out June 8, Wii Sports Resort July 26

  122. Wii system update actually worth installing

  123. New releases for this week AND last week

  124. DRCs: 03-17-09

  125. Capcom Announces One Sort-Of New Game Out Of Three for Wii

  126. Excitebots Is Throwing Around The Word “Super” Like It’s 1992/1993

  127. Chainsaw arms! (Releases for the week of March 10)

  128. DRCs: 03-10-09

  129. Looking to the Future (and the present!)

  130. DRCs: 02-19-09

  131. Three Games That I Am Looking Forward To

  132. EA notices Wii selling, announces games; new Boom Blox, Dead Space port

  133. Indiana Jones and the FMV of Destiny

  134. Wii Remote Used As Yet Another Tool For Enslaving Robots

  135. Club Nintendo (the noun, not the verb)

  136. November NPD: Software edition

  137. November NPD: Holy Motherfucking Jesus that’s a lot of Wiis

  138. Famitsu details Gamecube Wii-makes

  139. USA Club Nintendo Quietly Gets Set For Email Deluge: “How Do U Get Coins?”

  140. Happy Birthday, Nintendo Wii

  141. The ongoing labyrinthine saga of music game DLC on Wii

  142. We don’t take kindly to you big city rehashers.

  143. People Still Read Magazines?

  144. Incredible Internet Channel improvement incoming

  145. Moon Being Delayed Allows Me To Gripe About Nintendo

  146. With No Regard To Public Opinion, Nintendorks Staffer Makes News Post Concerning Castlevania: Judgment

  147. New Old Games: Past Couple of Weeks

  148. Wii Rock Band 2 to be as good as Wii Rock Band can possibly be

  149. New Old Games: The Last Two Weeks (Cliche Edition!)

  150. Impressions: Samba de Amigo

  151. Nintendo races toward digital distribution, hits self with red shell

  152. Fuckton of news bits, press conference edition

  153. New Old Games: September 29

  154. My Time With a Brother and His Arms

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  156. I Prefer Impressions Shaken, Not Stirred

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  158. New Old Games: The Last Two Weeks

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  160. Mega Man 9’s intruigingly “modern” pricing scheme

  161. NPD software sales: America’s football boner has been sated

  162. NPD hardware sales: Nintendominiation continues

  163. New Old Games: September 8

  164. New Old Games: September 1st

  165. New Bomberman too bad I have to delete games to play it.

  166. New releases for the week of 8/26

  167. DRCs: 08-21-08

  168. “So frightening you’ll cry blood from your own eyes.”

  169. Whoa, My Wii Plays DVDs! Through Magic/Homebrew/A Pact With Satan

  170. Nintendo, Destroyer of Worlds

  171. DRCs 08-19-08

  172. New Wii Game “KORE” Mercifully Promises Only Three Minigames

  173. Defending The Power Glove

  174. July NPD: Experts say Nintendo selling “fuck-ton” of stuff

  175. New Old Games: August 11

  176. Microsoft Waggles Genitals At Nintendo, Slams Wii Gimmickry

  177. Rock Band 2 for Wii may have “features”

  178. New releases for the week of 8/4

  179. What a Wonderful Year to Have a Curse

  180. New Old Games: August 4

  181. New releases for the week of 7/28

  182. New Old Games: July 28

  183. Comcast offers free Wii so you don’t have to watch cable

  184. Wii Ware Expectant Mother of Precocious Classic Games

  185. Reggie acknowledges Wii storage problem, continues to offer no solution

  186. New releases for the week of 7/22

  187. New Old Games: July 21

  188. Review: Gyrostarr (Wii)

  189. DRCs: 07-17-08

  190. Ancient, reanimated game to see Wii re-release

  191. Animal Crossing the Line

  192. New releases for the week of E3 so who cares about new releases

  193. New Old Games: July 14

  194. Nintendo Unveils the Equivalent of the “Expansion Pak” for the Wii Remote

  195. Nintendo patents new Gamecube controller for Wii

  196. DRCs: 07-10-08

  197. Good Idea, Bad Idea With Activision

  198. Rock Band 2 confirmed for Wii this year

  199. Lost Winds

  200. Konami Continues to Crush Dreams

  201. Namco Bandai Preparing to Spin More Yarns–Er, Tales

  202. New Harvest Moons to feature yellow wonderfuls, sexual choices

  203. New releases for the week of July 7

  204. New Old Games: July 7

  205. Young starlets on beach love Wii

  206. DRCs: 07-03-08

  207. New Old Games: July 30

  208. Mario Kart Wii

  209. What is this “DVD” I keep hearing about?

  210. Plucky New Staffer Makes First News Post

  211. Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

  212. DRCs 06-10-08

  213. There Will Be New Article (singular)

  214. Review: Boom Blox

  215. DRCs 04-23-08

  216. Baseball Prospectus projects Mario to finish with a 64.2 VORP

  217. DRCs 04-18-08

  218. DRCs 04-15-08

  219. Nintendo is touring small fraction of U.S.

  220. DRCs 04-10-08

  221. Nintendo may meet demand, sell more product

  222. DRCs 04-07-08

  223. GameStop profits rise, vaguely Nintendo related

  224. DRCs 04-01-08

  225. The Master System of your domain.

  226. WRCs 03-29-08

  227. DRCs 03-26-08

  228. PS2’s Rock Band announced for the Wii

  229. Old news: the elderly love Wii

  230. Nintendo named “King of the Jews”

  231. Disney plans own version of Rock Band

  232. Japan Loves the Wii!