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  1. Toys ‘R Us: Where a Grown Man Can Be a Grown Man Shaking Hands With the Ashes of His Childhood.

  2. NINTENDO SWITCH: Everything was true (except for the fake stuff)

  3. Summer Games Done Quick 2015: I Want a Gamer With a Fast Hand.

  4. Donkey Kong Country Returns! to Virtual Console

  5. PLAYING WITH POWER (Nintendo Toy Impressions): Let’s Have a Look at Those Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal Prizes!

  6. Summer Games Done Quick 2014: Real Nerds Finish Fast.

  7. Comment About Nintendo’s Virtual Console Becomes Celebrated by Nintendorks Staffer

  8. Off the Top of my Head: Rampage Edition

  9. Nintendorks E3 2014 Pizzacast

  10. Nintendo E3 Report (7.10.14): Wii U Owners Stunned With the Announcement of New Games!

  11. Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U Announced

  12. This Just In: Nintendo Drops Out of the Video Game Scene, Gets Back Into uhMaking Toys.

  13. Time to Fish Out Your Parent’s Credit Card, Kids. Super Mario Bros. 3 is Now Available on the Virtual Console! Again!

  14. A Slightly Less Than Half Assed Glance at the Nintendo Direct Smash Bros. Presentation (4.8.14)

  15. Former Criterion Head Honcho Blames Lack of NFS:MW Wii U Success on EA, Nintendo, God, Kittens, etc.

  16. Iwata & Friends take pay cuts in light of fiscal shortfall

  17. Two Tribes Games “rebooting” after running out of money

  18. Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Yep. Here’s Some More Mario Music (Last One, Promise)!

  19. Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: Earthbound and Down.

  20. Wii U REVIEW: Super Mario 3D World is the Most Fun You Will Ever Have in Your Life.

    That’s The Bad News.

  21. The Legend of Mario: A Link Between 3D Worlds. BOTH GAMES LAUNCH TONIGHT!!!

  22. A Nintendo Direct Presentation Recap (11.13.13) Some New Trailers and Nintendo FINALLY Unifies 3DS and Wii U eShop Accounts!

  23. Are you a teen? Do you love Pottery Barn AND Super Mario 3D World?

  24. Welcome to Post 666: Mark of the Dork. Happy Halloween Everyone!

  25. Another Wii U Bundle, this time with Skylanders

  26. Could “reUmagined” Nintendo 64 HD Games Be on the Way? According to a Rumor on the Internet: Maybe!

    "Fingers Crossed For Superman 64!!!" - Nobody Ever

  27. New Super Mario 3D World Trailer Confirms This Will Be the Greatest Game Forged by Man.

  28. Nintendo gets around to bundling Mario, Luigi with Wii U

  29. Urban Champion is back! In POG form!

  30. Pokemon X and Y Sell FOUR MILLION COPIES IN TWO DAYS. Nintendo Now “Only, Kinda Sorta Doomed.”

  31. Wii U REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Sooo Many Feelings!!)

  32. Today’s Nintendo Direct Reveals A Confusing as Shit Payment Method For the Upcoming Wii Sports CLUB.

  33. It’s Been Five Years Since The Dark Knight Came Out and Some Nerd Just Made This SNES Video Clip Thing.

  34. OFFICIAL: Nintendo Has in NO WAY Confirmed a Zelda Themed Wii U Bundle For the 2013 Holiday Season.


  36. Time to Party Like it’s 1988: Galaga For the NES Lands on the Wii U’s Virtual Console!

  37. Duck Tales Remastered Hits the eShop To-HEY, WHERE’D YOU GO?

  38. No Nintendo System is Safe. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Invades the Wii U. Sort Of.

  39. Even if you have to buy the systems, it is now cheaper to buy Shantae and EarthBound

  40. WII U REVIEW: New Super Mario Bros. Luigi U is More of a New Thing.

  41. Wii U Virtual Console offering bonus coins for next three days

  42. MORE PINBALL NEWS?!?: Terminator 2 Kickstarter LIVE

  43. Clear your schedule, Ray: Pinball Arcade Wii U timetable revealed

  44. 365 Days of Fame Rolls On. New Super Luigi U is Here!

  45. Super Smash Balls Puree

  46. Crowdfarting isn’t just for games- it’s also for wait what

    Crowdfart My Part…y Game

  47. SNES REVIEW: Mega Man X (A Visual Guide to My Maiden Voyage).

  48. Club Nintendo Update: Metroids, Tanooki’s and Nipples, OH MY.

  49. Call Me Crazy, But This Virtual Console Deal Doesn’t Make Any Sense:

  50. BREAKING: Nintendo Sells Out, Hops Aboard the Rechargeable Battery Bandwagon.

  51. Thursday’s Download: I’m Getting So Sick Of Writing About Kirby.

  52. Captain Olimar is DEAD

  53. ATTN Wii U Owners: For 30 Cents, Super Metroid Can Now Be Played on the Crapper!

  54. Hey, The Resident Evil Game That Came Out on 3DS Last Year Now Has A *BORP* Now Has A Free Demo Up For the Wii U Version!

  55. Club Nintendo Update: “You Got Your RPG in My Mario Game!”

  56. Nintendo President Iwata Loses Damn Mind. Implies Game Delays Result in a Higher Quality Finished Product.

  57. Miiverse Can Now Be Accessed Through Any Web Browser. “Should Have Been There Since Day One” Says Internet Stupid Head.

  58. Wii U REVIEW: Need For Speed: Most Wanted Makes F-Zero GX Look Like a Slow Ride to Grandma’s House.

  59. Great Work Boys, However You Skipped Over One VERY Important Detail:

  60. This October 25thBATMAN SETS IT OFF On Wii U.

  61. Bless Me Bagpipes, Capcom Announces Duck Tales Remastered for the Wii U!

  62. And the 30 Cent Hits Continue to Land on Wii U: Here’s Comes Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

  63. Thursday’s Download: A Metric Assload of Quality Demos and More Hit Every Nintendo Service Today.

  64. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demos Appear on Both Wii U and the 3DS! If You’re Into That Sort of Thing.

  65. Grab Hold of Your Golden Nipples, F-Zero Speeds Onto the Wii U’s Virtual Console!

  66. Nintendorks Radio Episode 85: Everybody Loves Rayman

  67. Rayman Legends Exclusivity Nothing More Than Foolish Legend

  68. At Last! A Trine 2: Director’s Cut Update Corrects Those Hideous Visuals.

  69. Thursday’s Download: Super C Blasts Right Past the Original Contra and Onto the 3DS.

  70. An In-Depth Look at the Nintendo Direct Presentation (1.23.13) or: MY GOD THE WIND WAKER IN HD IS ON THE WAY.

  71. Heads Up: That Wii U Zombi Game and Fire Emblem on 3DS Have Free Demos Available Now!

  72. Nintendo Sells a Lot of Wii U’s, Internet Predicts Total Failure.

  73. Pikmin 3 Will Be “Balls Hard” Says The Saint Creator, Our Dark Lord Miyamoto.

  74. Pinball Arcade coming to Wii U, proven not to be a dream in new video

  75. A Very Nintendork Christmas Gift Wrap Up!

  76. Club Nintendo Shocker! New Crop of Downloadable Games Offer Up a Decent Selection!

  77. “What the!?” The Original NES Ninja Gaiden is Now Available in the 3DS eShop!

  78. Quick Look: Nano Assault Neo is a Game That Someone Might Like.

  79. Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited

    More options than necessary

  80. Nintendo Direct: December 5th @ 9 AM PST

  81. Impressions: Trine 2 (Oh, You Pretty Thing).

    Oh, You Pretty Thing

  82. The Wii U Launched Today and I Somehow Managed to Royally Screw It Up.

  83. Happy Birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto! (Laughs)

  84. Nintendo Finally Reveals What Virtual Console Enthusiasts Have Been Dying to Hear: “Go F#*% Yourselves.”

  85. NEWSFLASH! Wii U Discs Will Reportedly Feature “Rounded Edges.” Internet Explodes.

  86. I Touched a Wii U Tablet and Here’s What I Think and Stuff.

  87. Nintendo Rolls Out 5,000 Wii U Kiosks to Distract Voters

  88. Just When I Thought I Was Out, Burger King Pulls Me Back In.

  89. Nintendorks Radio Episode 82: Try Nintendorks Againfor the First Time

  90. REVEAL: You Can Ride a Damn Horse in Scribblenauts Unlimited

  91. BREAKING! Nintendo Has Made a New System and Iwata WANTS ANSWERS.

  92. Smash Brothers? New Tekken Tag Tournament TwiiU trailer shows off costumes

  93. Nintendo Officially Announces The 23 Flavors of Wii U Software You’ll Have to Choose From at Launch:

  94. Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of Shigeru’s List, and will soon see the end of the Nintendorks.

  95. E3: Nintendo shows us some things, some of them are boring

  96. Be Hearing: Iwata reveals various interfaces for Wii U

  97. Nintendo Direct (to the future)