ATTN Wii U Owners: For 30 Cents, Super Metroid Can Now Be Played on the Crapper!

by Ray on

Believe me, the temptation to leave this post completely blank was pretty strong because HONESTLY what more do you need to know beyond that headline? If any of you require someone to explain, let alone sell you on downloading this 16-bit classic that regularly frequents top games of all time lists then clearly you’ve hit this site by accident. Assuming this is the case, I wonder what it was exactly you were google searching for? I bet it had something to do with aliens, robots and naked ladies didn’t it you dirty perv. Actually now that I think about it that’s not the worst combo in the world. Late at night, my imagination has come up with some pretty gnarly shi-oh WHOA, excuse me. I forgot what we were talking about there for a second. Here, have a look below at the trailer for the one, the only Super Metroid: Now available wherever the Wii U Virtual Console and internet access is available.