Link to the Past 2: Return to Dark World Manor

by Travis Woodside on

During this morning’s 3DS focused Nintendo Direct, President Iwata revealed a brand new Zelda adventure exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. This title has a overhead playing field like classic 2D Zeldas, but is built with 3D technology to really add some depth of field to your play experience. Oh, and it takes place in the world of Link to the Past.

“I wanted people to give me money,” the President of NoJ maybe said. “I learned recently that if I give people what I want then they will give me money. Maybe I will also steal FFVII from Square and remake it in HD. Then I will have more money.”

No story details yet, but we do know based on a released screenshot that Link no longer has pink hair. Is this a new Link? Did lttp Link dye his hair? Is time travel involved? LET THE CONSPIRACIES BEGIN.

Link to the Past 2, which is its unofficial title currently, is expected holiday 2013.