DRCs: 06-22-09

by Brandon on

Two dorks enter, one dork leaves.

Check out this comparison for with and without Wii Motion plus. So awesome! – selendrile

Brandon: That was indeed a nice little video. Why don’t I have that game yet? Disc golf is one of the few sports I play!

We bought a 32″ LCD for our bedroom, but I had it hooked up to my XBox for two weeks while we waited for a wall mount. That was a major mistake. Now I don’t want to set up my 27″ CRT in the TV room. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: A hot tub AND a 32″ LCD?! Your assisted living community sounds SWEET!

ASPLM says he hates me because I’ve played games online with you and not him. I don’t really know why he’s angry about that, but you’ve inadvertently awakened his old man rage. – Garman

Brandon: I remember one time I wanted to play L4D with him and Jai, but apparently he was playing with a bunch of his old friends from the home.

Dear god, the years have not been kind to Mei Ling….

And when did Snake decide to start dressing like a Victorian Age guy?

I call bull shit. – Phil Matthews

Brandon: There’s a lot about Metal Gear that doesn’t make it into the games.

Bacon – Bacon

Brandon: Agreed.

Hey, I think the Gears of War guys are Orbital Drop Shock Troopers! Does this mean that Halo is cool now?

Oh, and the “correct” term for Band-Aids is ridiculous. I’m not even going to give it the pleasure of being typed out. – Jai

Brandon: No, because Gears of War isn’t nearly as cool as it’s made out to be.

Will Carlough, your video was fantastic. I wish there was some other way for us to communicate than through Brandon — say, like on a message board. Maybe even THIS message board. Maybe you should sign up!

Sorry, Brandon. This wasn’t for you. – Jai

Brandon: That’s ok, two DRCs in a row from you has made this the best Monday ever.

Can I have Panthera’s spot on the message board? Actually, I tried registering a couple of days ago, but I was met with an amazing wall of error code. I promise to bring my penchant for combining the names of serious diseases with outdated ’80s slang. That’s gonorrheawesome! – tubular culosis

Brandon: Try registering again; the board may have been drinking.

Did you watch Pushing Daisies?

If so, your thoughts please. If not, you should. – Greg

Brandon: I did not, and probably will not.

It’s funny, comparing the DRC’s of today to the DRC’s of the Plinko days, we’ve all grown a lot since then. Mostly into a larger group of alcoholics and booze hounds, but hey, I never said it was a good kind of growth. – momtartin

Brandon: What’s the difference between an alcoholic and a booze hound? I’m sure we’ll find out the weekend of the 18th, but my guess is a booze hound will pass out/throw up on Greg’s lawn, and an alcoholic will make fun of him to make himself feel better about himself.

Fuck you Will Carlough! I tried to view your video and it crashed my browser. On a related note, I just tried to cook up some dinner at the hotel I’m staying at and set off the smoke alarm. When the front desk called to make sure everything was alright, I told them that everything was under control and I had just caught some hookers hair on fire. Then the alarm stopped. – Nightlite1999

Brandon: I’m going to guess part of that story is a lie, and you actually liked the video.

It makes sense the only thing that could rile up dorks more than E3 is alcohol. – Chives

Brandon: Those weren’t nintendorks, they were worse–they were OUTSIDERS from slashdot/digg/kotaku/wherever who came here for the sole purpose of trying to prove their “intelligence” after our Scribblenauts video blew its load all over the internet.

I hate people who say ‘Tour de Force’. – John

Brandon: This DRC was a Tour de Crap.

This is just something I noticed during the fury that was Nintendorks E3 Coverage ’09, but: Isn’t it kinda a drag how there’ll be this one, really awesome article that gets run off the top of the front page by a bunch of lesser articles? If you agree (and I think you do) wouldn’t you say it’d be nice to have a “Featured Articles” section (like many other journalistic-ish sites have) so that the articles that deserve attention (I’m looking at you, Battle Tanx) get the attention that they deserve? Aye.A Casual Reader

Brandon: Not a bad idea at all…granted, it would require work, but I’ll look into it. Although I’ll say one thing I liked about E3 is it made me re-giggle at our next/prev links.

I actually hope that this game DOESN’T become popular until after it is released, that way hippie groups like PETA won’t try to ruin everyone’s fun again by making everything all smiles.

and can you type in things like Pluto?

Can you just dress up Maxwell in whatever you want? A fedora? Katana? Excalibur?

My summer is now sort of ruined now because i’m going to be looking forward to this all summer.

loved your review, SHOW ME MOAR! – PotatoMasher88

Brandon: I was going to ask how PETA could ruin Scribblenauts, but then I remembered that PETA could ruin anything.

Apparently, Starmen.net translated Mother 3, so I played it.

It’s absolutely fantastic. I can’t say it’s better than Earthbound. It’s more ‘cinematic’ and has more of a ‘message’ than Earthbound, so it’s definitely its own game and it’s definitely awesome.

Now I want Kumatora as a Smash Bros character… – tomspug

Brandon: Never played any of that Earthbound crap. Also, that kid with the bat in SSB sucks.

The only solution is for Travis to fight Cory – Mark

Brandon: I like where this is headed.

Some one mentioned Nintendojo the other day, So I jumped over to thier site. They had a link to some new feature where you draw pictures in a java based paint program.

To make a short story even shorter, I drew a penis and sent it to them. – Rob Ert

Brandon: God I hope that’s your real first and last name.

This is the first time i have been on this site in about 7-8 years. ish.

And I am glad the drc’s are still as pointless as ever. – daveaspen

Brandon: You’re welcome.

Demo Play? What the hell? Why is Nintendo forcing us to put the game on autopilot during the interesting parts?! Now games will be no fun at all, since the computer will just automatically take over for us during the boss fights!

Too heavy-handed? I’m just anticipating all the inane bitching that is sure to come with Nintendo’s “Demo Play.” Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Simple. – EKDS5k

Brandon: I know. Some people fail to realize that when The Fifth Element is on TV, they can just change the channel!

I hope that you guys use http://www.twoogie.com to post on the NDORKS twitter account. Like so: http://www.twoogie.com/NintendorksJbond64

Brandon: I guess that’s ok. It’d be better with the music.

The main page double post about NSMBWii’s demo feature is a gaffe of enormous proportions. Everyone involved should be ashamed and disgusted by themselves and their bodies. – starmand

Brandon: I totally agree, and think Cory and Travis should fight. I just came up with that idea.

You should get Tiger Woods 10 so that this weekend we can re-enact the US Open, except drunk. – hero

Brandon: I’m still debating between this and Ghostbusters. If I buy either, I’m sure it’ll be due to drunken Amazon shopping.

Do you want to share the Captains Room with me? – CPG

Brandon: The only thing I’m sharing that weekend is my saliva.

I keep remembering about Nintendorks, and then forgetting two days later! See you in 6 months! – Battymo

Brandon: I can’t wait.

Hey, random question.

Why did my first experience on Mario Kart Wii last night feel like a definite step down from Double Dash?

Grazie – Waluigi on a motorbike

Brandon: Because you were using the wheel?