DRCs: 08-21-08

by Brandon on

What time is it? It’s dwindle thirty!

I’d do that Homebrew Channel if I didn’t already have a couple hundred dollars in VC and WiiWare titles. Because it would suck to mess around having my Wii be a DVD player, Nintendo comes out with an update to brick it, and then I’m out of a fun machine. Let’s hope Nintendo gets off their rich selves and does this DVD player update thing officially. – Skoad

Brandon: Or you could buy a DVD player for 40 bucks.

Query: What happens if Shigeru Miyamoto’s hobbies include making love to his wife and/or himself? Maybe he’s a satanic sorcerer as well. – AJ

Brandon: The wiimote is more than capable of handling the emulation of those hobbies. Trust me.

I will not wear pants to work tomorrow. – Brandon

Brandon: Are corduroys considered pants?

Wow, not only was I the first to congratulate you, I was the ONLY one to congratulate you.

I think you know what that means. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: The week ain’t over yet! I’m going downtown tonight for my weekly shuffleboard debauchery, so there’s no telling what state I’ll be in tomorrow.

My supervisor at work, his wife and one of my coworkers keep having lunch in the office. Which would be fine, except my supervisor keeps inviting this woman who he’s trying to setup with my coworker. They keep talking and laughing above a regular voice level, usually talking about things that I really don’t want to hear.

I just installed WarCraft III on my work computer. Let’s see them talk about relationships and mundane crap while they hear moderately-volumed exclaimations from my Mountain King. I’m not going to be getting any work done anyways. – CNE

Brandon: There’s nothin’ more motivating than fightin’ with a bad hangover.