New Old Games: July 7

by Adam Robinson on

With only a single release this week on the Virtual Console, I should be more disappointed than I am.

But when the single release is classic Neo Geo brawler/beat-’em-up King of the Monsters, I find it hard to complain. Who hasn’t wanted to beat up a douche bag named Astro Guy as gigantic beetle? Boring people, probably. Amish, too. 900 Wii points will give you this privilege! Thank you, Virtual Console gatekeepers, for bestowing this gem upon us. Hm?

Oh, this game will be available, along with 16 other games (many on the VC already) as the SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 relatively soon? Huh. How interesting. If uninspired racers and Wii Ware games are more your thang, feel free to check out the unfortunately-titled SPOGS Racing. Me? I’d wait for the inevitable F-Zero update.

Check back Wednesday for a New Old Games special feature, detailing some of the games on the VC that law requires you to have. Man Law. Aw, yeah.