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Jul 18, 2013 0

Even if you have to buy the systems, it is now cheaper to buy Shantae and EarthBound

Cult classics one-two punch 3DS and Wii U eShop, respectively

Great news for fans of money: you can now download EarthBound for $9.99 on Wii U and Shantae for $4.99 on 3DS instead of paying triple digits per cart on eBay. Well, triple to the left of the decimal. You know what I meant, shut up. I’ve played both (and own one!) and they’re both pretty good! Go get ’em! Or read more if you’re like “Huh?”


Jun 14, 2013 0

Encore! Samus, Link, and Mega Man merch getting a second run

Three dolls, and two books in one

Take that, aftermarket! This September will see the re-release of several items that were gone before I even knew they were available and one I slept on a bit too long. Last year Japanese toy maker Max Factory put out two figures in its poseable Figma line that were based on Nintendo characters: Link, as depicted in Skyward Sword, and Samus Aran, sporting her look from Metroid: Other M. They also put out a non-poseable Zero Suit Samus figure that comes with a tiny Metroid, making 2012 a virtual deluge for Metroid merchandise compared to most. Fans took notice and snapped up preorders from import toy stores weeks before many even knew about the figures, but now the Slowpokes and non-importers among us will get a shot as this run is apparently also shipping directly to US hobby retailers. Preorders are open now for the September reissue of all three figures, with the two Figmas going for about $40 and Zero Suit WaluigiSamus setting you back about $80.

But wait, what about Mega Man?

Apr 17, 2013 0

That’s cool and all, Travis, but EARTHBOUND IS COMING TO VIRTUAL CONSOLE

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a new Zelda game in the same Hyrule as A Link to the Past? That’s pretty great. Truly. I emphatically look forward to it.

Never mind that shit, here comes Mongo EarthBound!

Holy fuck tell me about that shit I don’t believe it!