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Mar 3, 2020 0

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nintendo Switch!! *Ahem* Spit That Out of Your Mouth Please.

Can you believe it’s already been three years since Nintendo launched the Switch? Boy, time sure does fly when you’re drowning in a backlog of unplayed games huh? I can remember the night clearly, standing in line amongst dozens of other dorks, freezing my mushrooms off in the San Francisco wind. The excitement was palpable as we watched that clock count down until midnight and I couldn’t wait to throw a nice chunk of change at a Switch console, copy of Breath of the Wild, pro controller and Zelda, GuardianLinkLink Rider and Bokoblin amiibo (not to mention somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-7 Fieldwork IPA’s and probably a late night slice). To celebrate Nintendo’s hybrid console entering its middle age (in typical Nintendo system years that is), I thought it would be fun to take a look at precisely which titles I’ve spent the most time playing during these past 156 weeks.

Why yes, that is my idea of fun!

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Jun 10, 2014 0

Nintendo E3 Report (7.10.14): Wii U Owners Stunned With the Announcement of New Games!

“Not My Problem.” Says NOA President.

Well, Nintendo’s big E3 presentation came and went this morning and there were plenty of suprises to be had. The most obvious perhaps being that Nintendorks actually has an article about it (heyo)! Many of the details revealed today would be worthy of posts all on their own, but in the interest of laziness and the fact that my computer sounds like a wood chipper, I’ve decided to embrace the list format and focus on the top five bits that gave me the feeling. You know, the dirty one.

Please to enjoy.
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Dec 22, 2013 0

Holidorks Musical Advent Calendar 2013: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

Now this is weeeeird. I’d already planned on posting today’s track sometime during our little calendar here but ANC (wisely) suggested I save it for the solstice which was just too great a call to pass up. And strangely enough when peeking into the mailbox this afternoon, I was greeted with a package from Nintendo. My platinum Club Nintendo membership arrived and as it shakes out, is the soundtrack to the very game featured below!

Click Here to Open Door #22!

Nov 21, 2013 0

The Legend of Mario: A Link Between 3D Worlds. BOTH GAMES LAUNCH TONIGHT!!!

Sure the actual street date is November 22nd (tomorrow) but that’s for physical copies. C’mon, who the hell even walks inside some disgusting store to buy something these days anyway? Currently both Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) are doing the backstroke in critical praise, receiving perfect scores from plenty of the major nerd sites. Just click those links and have a peek for yourself if you don’t believe me. They’ll both finally be available to download from their respective eShops at the stroke of midnight (or even better, 9pm if you happen to live on the Best Coast).

OMG. We’re mere hours away from the greatest Nintendo holiday season software releases ever in a long time!

Nov 13, 2013 0

A Nintendo Direct Presentation Recap (11.13.13) Some New Trailers and Nintendo FINALLY Unifies 3DS and Wii U eShop Accounts!

Haha. Yeah No, Not Really.

Today’s peek at upcoming software for Nintendo’s systems leans heavily on the 3DS side, but that’s ok right? I mean, only one major software title for their struggling home console is more than enough to satisfy gamers throughout the Holiday Season don’t you think? And no I’m not counting Wii Fit U or the Wii Sports Club downloads as significant Wii U releases because no one wants those. It’s clear that Nintendo is relying on a wide variety of fancy bundles along with Super Mario 3D World to deliver in the living room while their 3DS portable is overflowing with high quality gaming options! *sigh*

Let’s just get to it: Here are today’s highlights to spare you having to sit through Bill Trinens’ bland cracker-ass.
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Oct 4, 2013 0

Wii U REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Sooo Many Feelings!!)

I couldn’t help myself. Physical copies of the The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD hit store shelves today but the digital version has been available through the Wii U’s eShop for a couple weeks now. As much as I can appreciate owning an actual disc, there’s no way I ever plan on reselling this and downloading it spared me the “experience” of “engaging” with my “community.” Enjoy your little Ganondorf toy you bastards. So at the stroke of midnight on September 20th, my Wii U welcomed into its tiny little baby hard drive this once highly divisive, now univerally acclaimed installment in the franchise. After 2 weeks of playing it pretty much nonstop, how well does the gameplay hold up? What’s been improved? Does it really look that much better? Is Tingle a convicted pedophile? Well, easy does it because I’m here to address most of that as well as force you to wade through a LOT of pics that I snapped through Miiverse!
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Aug 23, 2013 0

OFFICIAL: Nintendo Has in NO WAY Confirmed a Zelda Themed Wii U Bundle For the 2013 Holiday Season.

Rumors have been flying through the internet for weeks now about a potential new Wii U combo for gamers around the world to collectively ignore. Right in time for Kwanzaa, speculation suggests that the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD would be replacing Nintendoland as a pack-in title for the 32gb deluxe console. There are even some leaked photos that supposedly originated from Target making the rounds riling up absolutely no one. It’s all extremely likely however, considering that slapping a Zelda game into the box of a struggling product is precisely the same move Nintendo made when 3DS sales were swirling around the shitter. And look how hot that thing is now! Well today we have what appears to be hard photographic evidence to back ‘dat SKU up. Not only does the image “confirm” this things existence but also reveals that at least the gamepad if not the system itself will feature the exact same little Hyrulian design flourishes that adorn its limited edition portable 3D cousin. Want to have a peep? Hang on just one more second while I pad this paragraph out a little bit.

Ok, go for it:
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Zelda and Link, sitting in a deku tree...
Jun 18, 2013 0

It’s dangerous to get married alone, take this

Longtime friend of the website, Emily (a.k.a. spritegoddess), has recently become engaged. Boring! But wait, what if her engagement ring had a Nintendo flair to it? Interested now? No? Well, whatever, feast your eyes on this.

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