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Aug 20, 2014 0

Tabletop Review: Compounded

Successfully Kickstarted in early 2013 and published by Dice Hate Me Games, Compounded is a Euro-style resource placement game that has lab chemists competing and cooperating to complete chemical experiments for points and glory! The resources in the game are atomic elements–you and your lab partners will be handling Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Calcium, and Sulfur. Chemists set up their workbench, compounds are assembled in the lab, and initial elements are discovered–whoever discovers the rarest elements gets the lab key to go first, and let the science begin!
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Jul 10, 2013 0

Tabletop Review: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

This review was generously donated to Nintendorks by Dany Shehab aka Encubed who blogs about board games and other things about once a year at

I was introduced to Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game at a board game night at our local game store, and picked up my own copy soon after. Despite not being the best-designed game ever, it’s fun, easy to learn, and the superheroes theme is interesting enough to get even your dumb Call-Of-Duty-playing cousins to give it a shot.
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Jun 13, 2013 0

Tabletop Review: The Cave

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that caves are neat. They’re mysterious, full of cool rock formations, Batman lives in one, The Goonies explored one, and a good chunk of the world beneath us is still unexplored. Unfortunately I’m no speleologist, and the thought of spelunking into an unknown chasm only to get stuck halfway through a hole the size of my elbow and dying a dark painful death doesn’t appeal to me. Thankfully, Rebel.Pl‘s The Cave lets me pretend I’m spelunking safely in my own nerd cave!
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May 17, 2013 0

Tabletop Review: Tammany Hall

The story behind Doug Eckhart’s Tammany Hall is almost as interesting as the story behind Tammany Hall itself; published in 2010 by Stratamax Games, it was an instant hit at gaming conventions, selling all but 80 copies. Once Stratamax sold those remaining copies, Tammany Hall was gone for good (unless you wanted to pay insane prices). Luckily, a fan who managed to snag an original started publishing games through his own company, Pandasaurus Games. He asked Stratamax if he could re-publish the game through Pandasaurus, and to his surprise got the green light. And so the Kickstarter campaign began…
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Mar 23, 2013 0

Tabletop Review: The Great Heartland Hauling Co.

The box for The Great Heartland Hauling Co. states it’s “a cubes and cards game for 2 to 4 truckers”, and I can’t think of a much better, or cuter, description. Funded on Kickstarter back in September and published by Dice Hate Me Games, The Great Heartland Hauling Co. has you and your buddies trucking back and forth across the country picking up and delivering goods for cold hard cash. It’s an incredibly well-balanced game: simple at first glance, but with enough depth to inject a fair amount of strategy into each game.
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Mar 6, 2013 2

Tabletop Review: Gloom

Published in 2004, Gloom is your basic casual card game where you play cards to give yourself points, or play cards to make your opponents lose points. There is a delightful twist to Gloom, however. Each player overlooks five characters from four eccentric families, and using an Edward Gorey-meets-Addams Family theme players spend their turns weaving tales of woe and playing cards to make their family as miserable as possible and killing them off when they’re at their lowest of low. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 14, 2013 1

Do you love Dominion, but hate cardboard boxes?

I know I’m not the only one around here who plays Dominion. I also know once you play Dominion, you’re going to want to buy expansions. And once you buy expansions, you quickly learn how much damn space all those boxes take.

What if I told you there’s a way to consolidate all those expansions into one easy, affordable storage solution? You’d think that’d be pretty great, right?
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Dec 7, 2012 2

Tabletop Review: Mr. Jack

Oh that rascally Jack the Ripper has slaughtered yet another prostitute! The citizens of Whitechapel District have had enough of this tomfoolery, and it’s time to band together to catch the elusive serial killer. With the night getting darker by the hour, the chase is on. Either Jack gets caught tonight, or he escapes to terrorize Whitechapel another night.

Mr. Jack is a 2 player game where one player plays as Jack the Ripper trying to escape the Whitechapel District, and the other player plays as the detective trying to reveal and capture Jack. Of the eight character pieces on the board, one of them is Jack, and only Jack knows this secret identity. It’s up to Jack to not get caught, and it’s up to the detective to use his or her powers of deduction to track the serial killer down and serve up a hot plate of justice.
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