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Dec 8, 2014 0

What Did You Play? Nobember 2014

All of the big games of the year are pretty much out now, with Captain Toad having dropped on Friday.

I’m playing none of them because I have too many old games and not enough money. But boy howdy do I want a Wii U!


Aug 24, 2014 0

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Game Impressions!


San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and thank God / I miss it already [NOTE: This article has been sitting on the shelf for a few weeks. I’ve just decided to publish it under Musings since I’m too lazy to add pictures and it’s perhaps no longer timely.] As everyone knows, the convention has expanded its scope beyond comics for some years now, and video games are always a part of that, making SDCC the first opportunity for regular folks to get hands-on time with some of the games shown at E3 a month prior. It seemed as though the convention center itself did not have much in the way of games on display compared to previous years, and this was no doubt partly due to several companies complementing their booths larger “gaming lounges” in the neighboring hotels, where they were open to the general public in addition to Con attendees. Nintendo have had their own lounge for the last few years, in fact, and this year was no different.

I played some games there! Read about it!

Jun 10, 2014 0

Nintendo E3 Report (7.10.14): Wii U Owners Stunned With the Announcement of New Games!

“Not My Problem.” Says NOA President.

Well, Nintendo’s big E3 presentation came and went this morning and there were plenty of suprises to be had. The most obvious perhaps being that Nintendorks actually has an article about it (heyo)! Many of the details revealed today would be worthy of posts all on their own, but in the interest of laziness and the fact that my computer sounds like a wood chipper, I’ve decided to embrace the list format and focus on the top five bits that gave me the feeling. You know, the dirty one.

Please to enjoy.
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May 29, 2014 0

Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U Announced

Old controllers never die.

Today Nintendo posted a video announcing the participants and the rules for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. tournament being held at E3. The Facebook post teased “a special announcement included [in the video] that Super Smash Bros. fans will really want to see.” That announcement is the Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U, making three consoles in a row where the exact same controllers can be used.

Video below!

Apr 8, 2014 0

A Slightly Less Than Half Assed Glance at the Nintendo Direct Smash Bros. Presentation (4.8.14)

Plenty of tasty details were revealed today for those of you who can’t wait to play the same game you already own 3 versions of. There’s been nonstop speculation amongst certain nerd circles as to when (if ever) the new Smash Bros. entries would be released and this afternoon, lead director Masahiro Sakurai spilled the wasabi with some concrete-ish info. Apparently the 3DS iteration of Nintendo’s popular fighting franchise will hit the portable during this calendar year’s Summer months while the Wii U version will be pushed back to 2015 sometime this Winter. This is sort of an odd move considering the 3DS is by far the more successful of Nintendo’s current platforms and there’s the potential for fatigue by the time the home console installment rolls in but eh, whatevs. The real news here is that aside from graduating from assist trophy to playable character, Little Mac has an optional skin that replicates his wire-frame look found in the original Punch-Out!! arcade game!!

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