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Jan 29, 2013 1

Hyrule Historia 101: The Legend of Zelda Hardcover is Out Now!

Hey, remember that gorgeous book filled with concept art and background information regarding Hyrule’s history that Nintendo released in Japan back in 2011? Y’know, the one that made fans of the series flip out because it revealed no less than three official timelines in the Zelda universe? Well it’s finally been translated into Engrish and is sitting on store shelves as you read this just waiting to be overpriced on ebay. As usual Nintendo held a little launch event at their world store in Times Square to commemorate the release. Which of course means that virgins from all over the great state of New York borrowed cash from their parents for the train into Manhattan to check it out. A costume contest was held with all kinds of cool prizes including plush dolls and t-shirts and luckily for us, one youtube user was on hand to document this gathering of pure, raw, uncut nerdery.
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Oct 23, 2012 0

“We’re Gonna Need a Bigger SD Card.” Let’s Take a Quick Look Back at The 3DS Retail Games that Just Made Their Way Into the eShop.

In light of Nintendo’s recent decision to make four previously released key 3DS titles available as downloads in the eShop (“key” of course meaning first party), I figured now would be as good a time as any to indulge myself by posting reviews that I’d written for each of them back when they originally came out. Well, all except for Mario Kart 7 which I played but never rewarded a proper writeup. Honestly, if you need to be told whether you’ll like a new Mario Kart game then you probably won’t. Anyway, I’ll quote that fat guy from Fight Club as he once said: “3 out of 4 aint bad.”
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Jun 21, 2011 Comments Off on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Over the weekend, Nintendo released the long-awaited 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, what is considered by many (not me!) as the best entry in the Legend of Zelda series. I wasn’t able to get my copy until today due to a shipping error (that prevented me from getting my hands on the soundtrack! NICE JOB), but now I have it! And I’ve been playing it!

And it’s great! On the other side of the jump I will take this general statement and attempt to defend it! COME JOIN ME. (Also there is a video showing a neat Mario-themed easter egg within the game.)

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Jun 8, 2009 Comments Off on Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend

Yes, I know that this is not a Wii game. I also know that there’s been a lot of non-Nintendo content here on the site, but tough. I didn’t just sit around on the edges of the Nintendo booth at E3, lonely and wishing I could venture out into the wild. No, I did wander into the Sony booth, which was a bizarre color-inversion of the Nintendo one, with booth staff wearing black shirts and the games sporting blood, guns, and semi-nude digital women. I did this. And there, there is where I had one of my (sinful, yes) favorite playthroughs of the show.

So, from what I hear, Tim Schafer is tired to being everyone’s “favorite developer ohmigod I have everything you have ever made you are my inspiration and I wake up and thank God for your very existence let us ride away on this white horse, let us leave this place and we will exist only in dreams and the occasional missing persons report”. I can bet that E3 is pretty tough for a guy who’s pedigree of games includes The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Psychonauts. I bet that a lot of nerds probably drooled all over him if he stood near the PS3s that were demoing his latest creation, Brütal Legend, a big budget affair coming out this October from Double Fine Productions. Luckily for him, though, the instant that E3 ends, he goes back to being a slight more anonymous nerd, so, at least that’s fun. At E3 I managed to find a frozen PS3 demo kiosk that was supposed to be playing this latest game, and, because it was non-functioning, it was empty. Instead of wandering off, like so many other nerds, I stood there, hands at the controls, knowing that a frozen kiosk is a wasted kiosk, so someone from Double Fine would eventually come around and fix things for me, and at that point I could keep them around to answer any and all questions I might have. I was in luck when an animator on the title spied me and reset the PS3, and then stood around to walk me through the demo. Everything played into my hands exactly as planned.
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