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Oct 25, 2013 0

Could “reUmagined” Nintendo 64 HD Games Be on the Way? According to a Rumor on the Internet: Maybe!

If a link some dude on tumblr shared is to be believed, the Wii U will soon play host to a plethora of visually upgraded N64 titles. This information being completely unconfirmed, details are of course fairly scarce but here’s a few anyway that will mostly likely turn out to be utter horseshit. 1. The relatively short development time required to slap a coat of HD on these things will help fill in the (year-long) gaps between major original releases. 2. Much like the recently released Wind Waker HD, these titles will feature additional content and possibly even a few design tucks here and there. 3. Each game will set you back $30 bucks and be sold only through the eShop. Yeeeah I don’t know, that pricing seems more than a little steep to me. Only Super Mario 64 is “known for sure” to be included in this series and the inside source goes on to spill a few tidbits about what kind of gameplay tweaks can be expected.
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Oct 24, 2013 0

New Super Mario 3D World Trailer Confirms This Will Be the Greatest Game Forged by Man.

At six minutes long, checking out this amazing clip is probably a bad idea for anyone that wants to go into Mario’s new adventure totally unspoiled when it hits store shelves in a few weeks. It is also probably NSF anyone that only has $60 dollars to their name. Super Mario 3D World is coming to us courtesy of the same team responsible for the 2 Galaxy installments on Wii and (obviously) Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. In other words, from the people that make the best Mario games. This extended trailer boasts a piece of software that is so jam-packed full of power ups, beautiful new stages and nods to classic entries in the series’ history that I’m calling it now: Super Mario 3D World will be the most fun you will ever have in your entire life. Go on, take a look.