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Oct 4, 2013 0

Wii U REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Sooo Many Feelings!!)

I couldn’t help myself. Physical copies of the The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD hit store shelves today but the digital version has been available through the Wii U’s eShop for a couple weeks now. As much as I can appreciate owning an actual disc, there’s no way I ever plan on reselling this and downloading it spared me the “experience” of “engaging” with my “community.” Enjoy your little Ganondorf toy you bastards. So at the stroke of midnight on September 20th, my Wii U welcomed into its tiny little baby hard drive this once highly divisive, now univerally acclaimed installment in the franchise. After 2 weeks of playing it pretty much nonstop, how well does the gameplay hold up? What’s been improved? Does it really look that much better? Is Tingle a convicted pedophile? Well, easy does it because I’m here to address most of that as well as force you to wade through a LOT of pics that I snapped through Miiverse!
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Aug 23, 2013 0

OFFICIAL: Nintendo Has in NO WAY Confirmed a Zelda Themed Wii U Bundle For the 2013 Holiday Season.

Rumors have been flying through the internet for weeks now about a potential new Wii U combo for gamers around the world to collectively ignore. Right in time for Kwanzaa, speculation suggests that the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD would be replacing Nintendoland as a pack-in title for the 32gb deluxe console. There are even some leaked photos that supposedly originated from Target making the rounds riling up absolutely no one. It’s all extremely likely however, considering that slapping a Zelda game into the box of a struggling product is precisely the same move Nintendo made when 3DS sales were swirling around the shitter. And look how hot that thing is now! Well today we have what appears to be hard photographic evidence to back ‘dat SKU up. Not only does the image “confirm” this things existence but also reveals that at least the gamepad if not the system itself will feature the exact same little Hyrulian design flourishes that adorn its limited edition portable 3D cousin. Want to have a peep? Hang on just one more second while I pad this paragraph out a little bit.

Ok, go for it:
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Jun 14, 2013 0

Encore! Samus, Link, and Mega Man merch getting a second run

Three dolls, and two books in one

Take that, aftermarket! This September will see the re-release of several items that were gone before I even knew they were available and one I slept on a bit too long. Last year Japanese toy maker Max Factory put out two figures in its poseable Figma line that were based on Nintendo characters: Link, as depicted in Skyward Sword, and Samus Aran, sporting her look from Metroid: Other M. They also put out a non-poseable Zero Suit Samus figure that comes with a tiny Metroid, making 2012 a virtual deluge for Metroid merchandise compared to most. Fans took notice and snapped up preorders from import toy stores weeks before many even knew about the figures, but now the Slowpokes and non-importers among us will get a shot as this run is apparently also shipping directly to US hobby retailers. Preorders are open now for the September reissue of all three figures, with the two Figmas going for about $40 and Zero Suit WaluigiSamus setting you back about $80.

But wait, what about Mega Man?

Jan 29, 2013 1

Hyrule Historia 101: The Legend of Zelda Hardcover is Out Now!

Hey, remember that gorgeous book filled with concept art and background information regarding Hyrule’s history that Nintendo released in Japan back in 2011? Y’know, the one that made fans of the series flip out because it revealed no less than three official timelines in the Zelda universe? Well it’s finally been translated into Engrish and is sitting on store shelves as you read this just waiting to be overpriced on ebay. As usual Nintendo held a little launch event at their world store in Times Square to commemorate the release. Which of course means that virgins from all over the great state of New York borrowed cash from their parents for the train into Manhattan to check it out. A costume contest was held with all kinds of cool prizes including plush dolls and t-shirts and luckily for us, one youtube user was on hand to document this gathering of pure, raw, uncut nerdery.
You really have to click here and check this out for yourself.

Oct 4, 2012 Comments Off on #studio64 is back! “It’s like a party in my butt, and everyone’s invited!”

#studio64 is back! “It’s like a party in my butt, and everyone’s invited!”

Like the Son of God made flesh, the official IRC channel of Nintendorks, #studio64, has risen again whether you believe it or not. EdgeIRC was pretty much dead and everyone kept getting these annoying error messages and it pissed them off and they left, so now (thanks to Kevyn) the channel’s on SynIRC. To log in with your favorite IRC client, the details you need are:

channel: #studio64

… or simply click the Chat link in the sidebar or on the following link to automatically open up the chat room right here in your browser, like magick.

“But wait,” you may be asking yourself, “why would I want to chat with that insular group of assholes [again]?”

Well, aside from learning all of our dark secrets with which you can destroy us because we forget to filter ourselves in open chat and/or talking about video games, you’ll have the opportunity to observe/participate in the glorious circlejerk of one-upsmanship that is making jokes IN REAL TIME about current events, including video game press conferences, NFL football, TV/VCR repair, or last night’s presidential debate. Speaking of the latter, click the link to read more if you want to, uh, read more, specifically some choice “gems” from last night’s vigorous session, and see what you’re missing out on. ORDER TODAY!
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Dec 23, 2011 Comments Off on Nintendorks’ Legend of Zelda Timeline

Nintendorks’ Legend of Zelda Timeline

It has been making the rounds all over the web. Siliconera posted a timeline of the Legend of Zelda series. The site posted a graphic showing the chronological progression of the Zelda games, based off of an official encyclopedia published in Japan. The author of the article, Ishaan, wondered if their theory made sense.

The answer is no, it doesn’t make sense. Or maybe it does, who knows? In any event, Nintendorks has taken it upon itself to proffer our own version of the Legend of Zelda timeline. See below the jump for the full visual interpretation.
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Jun 7, 2011 Comments Off on My Thoughts On The Nintendo Press Event

My Thoughts On The Nintendo Press Event

Standing around in the Nokia Center on the morning before a Nintendo Press Event is like a shared Christmas Eve, where you’re staring at your presents and your hopes and dreams are reflecting and magnifying off of each person around you. You hear crazy things (“GTA:V is CAFE EXCLUSIVE”), you hear some pessimism (“I’m going to trade in this stupid 3DS for a Vita as soon as I can”), and every once in a while, you hear something completely idiotic (“Wait, Metroid is a chick?”).

It’s magical.

I’m sorry, Nintendork readers, that the whole world isn’t sent invites to this event, so you all can come to Los Angeles on a perfect spring morning and walk into a packed, nerdy concert venue where all you have to worry about is video games. It’s pretty great.

I attended this morning’s Nintendo Press Event, then, with high hopes. I was nervous. I sat four rows from the front, next to a delightful representative from eurogamer, and a dude who kept freaking out since his camera kept dying. It was nerd central. There were so many fedoras around me it was like an all-fat version of LA Noire, as sponsored by Threadless. There were a ton of 3DSes, and I saw multiple people gleefully watching as they accrued a massive number of streetpass requests. I saw my own little Mii on the eurogamer’s 3DS, and I leaned in, smiling.

“That’s me!” I said, in a totally not creepy way that probably ended up sounding pretty creepy. Around me, the room was just awash in crazy speculation. The studio, as usual, was just hopping (If you aren’t going to the studio for E3 press events, you are just plain dumb). I was ready.

The lights dimmed. The audience took in a breath. An orchestra rose before us.
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May 13, 2011 Comments Off on DRCs: 05-13-11