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Also known as Capo Creature
Jul 26, 2013 0

Tabletop Review: Boss Monster

On a site like this one (Nintendorks), chances are me, you, and every other person visiting is a fan of Nintendo. Not just Nintendo, but classic Nintendo and vintage video games in general. In fact, I don’t even own a current generation console, and like Magic Johnson’s dick, I would be afraid of putting a modern video game in my mouth for fear of getting AIDS. However, my heart will forever hold a place for 1980s video games, at least until the dementia destroys so much of my brain that I can only remember the Vietnam War…which I never fought in. Yet, while I welcome companies, big and small, to prey upon my memories of my childhood, I will still cast a discerning eye on any nostalgic molestation. Thus, we turn my eyeballs towards Boss Monster, the newest deck management card game on the market.

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