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Tabletop Reviews

Dec 7, 2012 2

Tabletop Review: Mr. Jack

Oh that rascally Jack the Ripper has slaughtered yet another prostitute! The citizens of Whitechapel District have had enough of this tomfoolery, and it’s time to band together to catch the elusive serial killer. With the night getting darker by the hour, the chase is on. Either Jack gets caught tonight, or he escapes to terrorize Whitechapel another night.

Mr. Jack is a 2 player game where one player plays as Jack the Ripper trying to escape the Whitechapel District, and the other player plays as the detective trying to reveal and capture Jack. Of the eight character pieces on the board, one of them is Jack, and only Jack knows this secret identity. It’s up to Jack to not get caught, and it’s up to the detective to use his or her powers of deduction to track the serial killer down and serve up a hot plate of justice.
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Nov 26, 2012 4

Tabletop Review: Fleet

In the northwest corner of Nunavut, Canada, a formerly inaccessible bay off of the Arctic Ocean has become reachable through a secret inlet. Untouched by the hands of time and fed by both the ocean and warm fresh water springs, Ridback Bay is teeming with sea life. A remote, timeless bayside village is now being inundated by entrepreneurs awaiting the influx of the world’s greatest fishermen to harvest this plentiful bounty. The docks and warehouses are being revitalized, and now it is time to begin the real adventure.

Thus begins the story of Fleet, a card/auction game designed by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, and published by Gryphon Games. Successfully funded by Kickstarter in April, and shipped (ha) in September, Fleet pits 2 to 4 players battling to out-fish their opponent’s fleet of commercial fishing boats. Whoever catches the most victory points at the game’s end is clearly the most distinguished and established fleet owner, but earning that title won’t be easy.

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Oct 19, 2012 2

Tabletop Review: Dominion

Published in 2008 by Rio Grande Games, and winner of the 2009 Spiel des Jahres, Dominion has become one of the most influential games in recent history. Acheiving true crossover success the likes of Settlers of Catan, and with more expansions than I care to count, Dominion will be around for a long, long time, and that’s fine by me–it’s a fantastic game that I’ll be playing for a long, long time.

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Jul 12, 2012 0

Tabletop Review: Survive: Escape From Atlantis

Survive: Escape From Atlantis is the reprint of a Parker Brothers board game originally released in 1982. Why it’s taken this long for the game to resurface and catch on is beyond me, because it’s certainly a game worth reprinting and checking out. The concept is simple: you and the other players are trying to escape a sinking island located at the center of the board. After each player’s turn, a piece of the island disappears into the ocean, so it’s a mad dash to move your survivors towards the safe islands at the four corners of the board. Survivors who make it to those four islands are scored at the end of the game. Piece of cake, so long as you avoid the sharks, whales, sea serpents, whirlpools, volcano, and wrath of the other players.
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May 23, 2012 0

Tabletop Review: Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Thanks to the Double Fine explosion, more and more people are starting to take notice of Kickstarter projects. While the site certainly seems to be a go-to method for funding independant video games, it’s turning out to be a great resource for funding board and card games as well.

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