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Jun 4, 2013 0

Club Nintendo Update: Metroids, Tanooki’s and Nipples, OH MY.

Heads up people: Not only is your rent past due but its time to have a look at the new crop of Virtual Console titles available to be purchased with Club Nintendo coins. As usual there are some real gems here for those of you loyal enough to have a membership yet for God knows whatever reason never downloaded in the first place. Just in time for the warm Summer months, Nintendo’s rolling out 4 more cool retro titles to choose from. Yes that sentence hurt my own brain when it appeared and I left it in anyway. As you can see, the NES classic and arguably greatest entry in the entire series Super Mario Bros. 3 leads the charge with a mere 150 coin asking price. But what else is is up for grabs you ask? Well, let’s take take a look…
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May 14, 2013 0

Hey, The Resident Evil Game That Came Out on 3DS Last Year Now Has A *BORP* Now Has A Free Demo Up For the Wii U Version!

Which actually has me really excited even though I played the F-wording S-word out of the portable original what, 16 months ago now? I gave that initial release a glowing review on my previous website which means a good old fashioned, hard and deep double dipping awaits me when the full version is released into the wild on May 21st. There are even some extra bits tossed in as an incentive for those like myself who are already intimately familiar with this game. New stages and side missions as well as finally being able to play as the hot piece of ass intriguing female character pictured above are more than enough to warrant giving Capcom some more money for something that you might already own. At least I think so. But don’t take my word for it, go on and download it and play for yourself. Or just watch a video clip of the demo below. You know what they say: A Youtube video is worth 167 words and 890 characters.
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Oct 11, 2012 0

Review: Kirby Dream Collection Special Edition.

Everything you’ll read online about Kirby’s 20th Birthday Video Game will begin with a direct comparison to Nintendo’s own anniversary treatment for their mustached mascot a couple of years ago.

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May 2, 2011 Comments Off on Donkey Kong Country Returns: Review

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Review

There is a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns that I always boot up to show friends who know nothing about the game. I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that this article is going to assume you either have beaten this game, or don’t give a crap about having certain portions “spoiled” for you. I don’t know how someone can spoil a damn Donkey Kong game, but whatever, some gamers are wound pretty tight. (GUYS THERE ARE BANANAS) Anyway, if I want to show one of my dead-hearted friends that this newfangled future Nintendo technology can still reach out and inspire, I’ll amble my way through level 6-2: “Prehistoric Path.” At one point in this level, Donkey Kong rides a mine cart on the outside of an enormous, rolling egg, which slowly breaks, sending Donkey Kong inside the egg. It’s a really fantastic-looking platforming segment, and each time I’ve shown it to a friend, I can tell that somewhere in their broken, ruined, adult bodies, they remember that stupid joy we can take from a video game.
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May 25, 2010 Comments Off on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

My first death terrified me. Surrounded by objects that were familiar, I walked, and then ran, across the theatre’s stage. My enemies, seemingly unaware of my presence, trotted below me, oblivious to my lethal moves. There was running, and there was jumping. The crowd of one grew to two, and began to cheer at my escapades. And I knew subconsciously this show would go on with or without my presence, which did not make my passing easier. It was routine, the jump.

I pressed the wrong button.
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