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Oct 6, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 96: Crank Up Your SNES


We’re back to answer your about strawmen, 4 MB expansion plugs, GoldenEyes, why we took a break from Nintendo for a few years, and all things SNES Classic-related!  Also, CJ is back!  And we get a little raunchy!


Justin, Eric, CJ, and Brandon

P.S. If you love Yoshi’s Island, you might love another better podcast talking about it for 90 minutes.

Sep 12, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 95: Bmano, Come Back


We use expert SEO to dodge a hurricane and bring you hot talk about Xcom 2: War of the Chosen, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Destiny 2: Two Destinies starring Neil “The Grass” Tyson, Stardew Valley for the Switch, and of course, PUBG.  Then we explore the idea of opening up the podcast to the three Shania Twains, which video game character makes us horny, and the continuing saga of Eric’s recording setup.


Justin, Eric, and Brandon

P.S. We turned off the Podcast Machine before Eric told us about seeing It.  It was very funny.  We wish you could have heard It.

Sep 5, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 94: MEMEaM


Hey guys, do they play Mayonnaise vs. Ketchup in Shrimp Heaven?  Eric H is back to tell us about sea animals playing with ink.  Then Eric D has stories about a very special Dorkfest experience you won’t want to miss.  And we’ll all learn how to say “plastic garbage” in Chinese as we say goodbye to an old friend.


Justin, Eric, and Eric

Aug 29, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 93: CJuntasaurus


CJ stops by to tell us about a life-changing road trip, how to raise awesome kids, where he got an SNES Classic, how much he loves Undertale, stealth buying a Wii U, and how the SNES generation might be the best generation. Also, there are clips of “Song for the Stupid Raver Shithead” by Taoc teh Wodner Dog in this episode, but we’ve toned them down so they won’t break your speakers. They still sound terrible. Sorry. Here’s the whole song if you’re a masochist.  And we briefly mention a racist truck stop comedian named Gene Tracy.


Justin, Eric, Brandon, and CJ

Aug 22, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 92: The 401k of Baron von Klump


We’re joined by Eric H (Chargrock) from the community, and we seriously, really talk some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Public G), we answer your questions, we discuss some of Johnny O’Neal’s™ Nintendork’s™ Boss Monster™ Card Game, Eric H gives us the lowdown on NieR:Automata, we pick apart Starcraft: Remastered, and we get to the bottom of Eric D’s retirement plans.



Justin, Eric, Brandon, and Eric

Aug 15, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 91: The Hour Long Jon-A-Thon


We invented Facebook, WordPress, and reddit back in the early 2000s! But not VOIP, as evident by the quality of this audio – but stick it out, the stories are worth it. We welcome back Brandon and welcome Jonathon, founding member and giant of Also, at some point we talk about the video game “Remastered” which is Starcraft: Remastered.  And hey, if you have 5 hours and want to watch the BBS Documentary we mentioned, you can see it here.


Enjoy our last episode ever recorded via Google Hangouts!


Justin, Eric, Brandon and Jonathon

Aug 8, 2017 0

We Are Going to Get an SNES Classic Without Leaving the House

Let’s face it – the only thing worse than trying to find a hot item at a local store is having to camp out and wait for a hot item at a local store.

Do you want to camp out at Best Buy only to be surrounded by people who are trying to flip the SNES Classic on the Electronic Bay or the List of Craig’s?  Do you want to wait in line at Gamestop only to witness an adult throw a tantrum about not getting a hunk of plastic from China?

No! We are going to keep a level head about this. It’s just a plastic box that plays games we’ve mostly already played. We’re going to be calm, ruthless, and methodical about this.

And we’re going to do the whole thing in our underwear.
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Aug 7, 2017 0

Nintendorks Radio Episode 90: A Marked Improvement


…is something that will probably happen in a future episode, instead we talked with Nintendorks Radio regular Mark (ZeoGold) about his Switch experience, and Diablo 3, and Burger King, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Jeff Goldblum, and “the worst Nintendork in existence.”




Justin, Eric, and Mark