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John started playing video games on his parents' Atari 2600 when he was still in diapers, so there was never any hope for him. After receiving an NES he played games almost exclusively on Nintendo systems from then on until a college friend introduced him to the glories of the Dreamcast. Shortly thereafter he nabbed one for himself, followed closely by a PS2 (and preceded by a 3DO for reasons that remain unclear). Aside from games he also digs classic movies and reads the occasional book. His favorite word is unprintable.

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John "ANC" Barnes

Oct 20, 2016 0

NINTENDO SWITCH: Everything was true (except for the fake stuff)

Hi there.

Nintendo finally showed off their successor to the Wii U (and 3DS??), codenamed NX and officially now christened as Nintendo Switch, with a trailer at 7 a.m. PDT, just minutes ago as I begin typing this. Cartridges! Detachable controllers! Tiny-ass portable two player gaming! Splatoon! A new Mario! Trailer below, for posterity. You probably saw it already elsewhere!
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Sep 3, 2015 0

What Did You Play? “Where Have You Been, Jerk?” Edition (August 2015)

I could make excuses as to where I’ve been for the last couple of months, except it’s Nintendorks and I don’t have to*. You know our ways. Thanks to chrunck for getting antsy (ANC?) and making a thread for the previous couple months on the forum when it became clear I wasn’t gonna. BUT! I have returned. Let’s discuss what we’ve all been playing while twiddling our thumbs waiting for Metal Gear(!?) and Super Mario Maker.

*Okay fine I was masturbating, are you happy? I am!
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Jun 5, 2015 0

What Did You Play? I’m a Lazy Jerk Edition (April-May 2015)


Sorry about the hiatus, part of my biannual Nintendorks Writers’ Guild licensure. Do try and look backwards through the fog of time as best you’re able, and recall what amusements engaged you in the middle and late spring.

Whoa, man, I’m getting a flashback. Whoa.

Apr 5, 2015 0

What Did You Play? RIP Club Nintendo Edition (March 2015)

Welcome to another almost-on-time recap of what games all y’all played in the last roughly one month. Played a ton of games? List as many as you want or can remember! Only want to hit the highlights? Sure! Only played a few? Tell us why you are a filthy casual/are just way hardcore into this one game! Didn’t play any? Fucking LIE!

I may have gotten carried away there. Now to get carried away talking about games!
“Nice segue!”

Mar 1, 2015 0

What Did You Play? Eternal Snow Day Edition (February 2015)

It’s that time, and pretty much on time this time, so take your time.

Hey guess what I played. Go on guess. You’ll never guess.
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Feb 26, 2015 0

Donkey Kong Country Returns!… to Virtual Console

Three SNES games back on Wii, finally on Wii U; other Kong shenanigans afoot

As part of the weekly eShop update today, Donkey Kong Country 1-3 have been made available on Wii and Wii U. The classic Super Nintendo platformers were available to purchase on the Wii Shop Channel for a long time, but vanished without any fanfare or explanation about two years ago. They recently resurfaced on the European Wii U eShop, leading many Americans to complain about how much better Nintendo always treats Europe and how it’s always been like this, conveniently forgetting, oh, everything else ever. Yeah, I know, I wanted to play Doshin the Giant, too, people, but trust me: on the balance, we won.
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Feb 10, 2015 0

What Did You Play? No Clever Title Edition (January 2015)

Damn, and I was trying to be more timely with these. Ah well.

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Jan 9, 2015 0

What Did You Play? December 2014 Year End Wrap-Up

I don’t remember.

Okay that’s not true. Welcome to 2015, where the Wii U has games, apparently. But alas, I am without Wii U. Please let me live vicariously through your adventures.

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