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Nintendorks Radio Episodes 1 – 81

The Nintendorks Radio RSS feed has changed, and the older episodes are no longer listed in the feed itself. You can find all of the older posts here, though! We have you covered.

So you can catch up, here are the first 81 episodes of Nintendorks Radio in one terrible table!

File Name (Download) Listen Date Duration Size
Episode 081 – Grandma Teaches Typing    31-Aug-2012 01:00:32 27.78Mb
Old people don’t know how to use computers. Mario doesn’t know how the economy works. Ghost Recons don’t know the future.
Pizzacast 2012 – Put wheels on a dog    11-Jun-2012 01:38:27 67.66Mb
We discuss E3 with the power of imagination
Pizzacast 2012 – Put wheels on a dog    11-Jun-2012 01:38:27 67.66Mb
We discuss E3 with the power of imagination
Episode 079 – E3 Looms on the Horizon    02-Jun-2012 01:13:54 50.47Mb
Diablo is heading to E3 for some foul purpose.
Episode 078 – Stay a while and listen    31-May-2012 01:16:25 26.3Mb
Diablo is heading east for some foul purpose.
Episode 077 – The Days of Yore    14-May-2012 01:09:58 47.82Mb
Why do phones hate video games so much? Discover the secret with us.
Episode 076 – I am not wearing hockey pants    05-May-2012 01:17:58 53.37Mb
Episode 075 – Squire Knight    08-Apr-2012 01:00:04 41.31Mb
Happy Easter. For this holiday we discuss video games
Episode 074 – Borderlands Billy    24-Mar-2012 01:10:53 48.73Mb
Let’s talk about video games. Skyrim, Jak and Crapster, Epic Mickey 2, AND VIDEO GAMES AS ART OH MAN
Episode 073 – Darween    14-Jan-2012 01:13:14 50.35Mb
What news does the new year bring? Is the Wii U going to be interesting at all? Does Nintendo know what online gaming even IS?
Episode 072 – The Oracle of Bananas    14-Dec-2011 02:26:32 30.01Mb
We close out the old year with thoughts of Christmas presents.
Episode 071 – Thanksgiving Spooktacular    24-Nov-2011 00:48:26 22.17Mb
On Thanksgiving we are thankful for Mario and Zelda.
Episode 070 – Resident Evil 6    07-Sep-2011 00:56:44 28.81Mb
Our special edition rumor episode!
Episode 069 – The Hound of the Baskervilles    18-Aug-2011 00:56:15 28.75Mb
The 3DS price dropped into Arkham City while sipping its juice in the hood.
Episode 068 – America    04-Jul-2011 01:05:04 44.74Mb
Let’s talk about America? Tom Clancy video games! LA Noire! Maybe another thing!
PIzzacast 2011    11-Jun-2011 01:30:50 62.44Mb
Post E3 discussion revealing many insights not seen on ANY OTHER WEB SITE REALLY.
Episode 067 – Bread Stick Cast    06-Jun-2011 00:43:40 30.04Mb
Microsoft and Sony conference discussion.
Episode 066 – Pre E3 2011    02-Jun-2011 00:44:50 30.85Mb
Our pre E3 show where we mostly discuss Nintendo and what we hope to see at the show. Also Conduit 2.
Episode 065 – Sonic Colours    03-May-2011 01:02:21 42.87Mb
Portal 2, Dragon Age 2, and Wii 2.
Episode 064 – N-Word 64    05-Feb-2011 01:43:20 94.66Mb
Travis, Garret, and Mark discuss the best of the N64 era.
Episode 063 – And a Third    29-Jan-2011 01:31:05 62.61Mb
A brief GOTY discussion followed by the games to look forward to this year.
Episode 062 – Christmas in Monkey Town    24-Dec-2010 01:17:36 53.35Mb
Christmas is a time to celebrate Donkey Kong Country Returns, Epic Mickey, GoldenEye, and the Tomb Raider reboot
Episode 061 – BRAAAWM    29-Sep-2010 01:06:48 34.89Mb
Minecraft, Halo Reach, Nintendo 3DS news and games
Episode 060 – Let me axe you a question    12-Sep-2010 01:03:19 21.87Mb
Cursed Mountain, Dragon Quest IX, Duke Nukem Forever, The Lord of the Rings Online, Nintendo 3DS release date?
Episode 059 – Hey remember me    04-Sep-2010 01:44:12 38.65Mb
Metroid Other M releases to mixed reviews. Basically everyone loves it except nerds wearing haterpants. Let’s talk about that.
Pizzacast 2010    17-Jun-2010 01:03:33 43.7Mb
Our official E3 festivities. After the fact.
Episode 058 – PRE3 2010    10-Jun-2010 01:20:17 27.63Mb
Our Pre E3 festivities for 2010 before we vanish into the fade.
Episode 057 – The Fate of Atlantis    03-Jun-2010 01:21:11 55.81Mb
Mario, you guys! Also: Bit Trip Runner, Machinarium, The Fate of Atlantis, Alan Wake, Doom?, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and steam on the mac.
Episode 056 – Well Burn My Biscuits    06-May-2010 01:05:50 45.26Mb
StarCraft II discussion herein. Biscuit burning and flying buildings. Also, apparently Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out soon.
Special Report – N3DS    23-Mar-2010 00:35:25 24.38Mb
Breaking coverage of the Nintendo 3DS announcement. Facts, speculation, and second hand accounts from some guy who knows somebody.
Episode 055 – If You Are Curious About It    23-Mar-2010 01:22:18 28.32Mb
A discussion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of Splinter Cells.
Episode 054 – PokeMark    14-Mar-2010 01:05:44 45.14Mb
Mark Returns to Discuss Strategy Games with Travis.
Episode 053 – Samus is a 1950s Detective    25-Feb-2010 01:21:37 28.08Mb
We discuss the Nintendo Media Summit, Metroid Other M, Heavy Rain, and telephones.
Episode 052 – Donated to the Earth    16-Jan-2010 01:36:06 66.05Mb
Dead Space Extraction, The Calling, MAG, Star Trek Online, Wii sales, Scribblenauts, and Conan O’Brien. So… a lot.
Episode 051 – I Am Gonna Judge These Games By Their Demos    13-Dec-2009 01:43:33 71.1Mb
God of War Collection, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, Demon’s Souls, and the kitchen sink.
Episode 050 – Golden Girls    15-Nov-2009 00:57:02 39.22Mb
The 50th episode brings straight up video game discussion regarding Scribblenauts, Modern Warfare 2, and New Super Mario Bros Wii.
Episode 049 – Buy Scribblenauts    08-Sep-2009 01:27:42 60.29Mb
Kevin returns from PAX to regale us… about PAX. Also, buy Scribblenauts.
Episode 048 – Urine the Movies    23-Aug-2009 01:18:04 53.61Mb
It’s a good time to be a nerd. Digital distribution, sci-fi movies, and a terribly slim cataclysm.
Episode 047 – No Country For Old Men    01-Aug-2009 52:42 36.26Mb
The economy is stupid. We also talk about Little King’s Story and go to heaven
Episode 046 – Retards    18-Jul-2009 01:30:11 61.93Mb
Much ado about remakes, including but not limited to Battlefield 1943 and Secret of Monkey Island
Episode 045 – Responsive    23-Jun-2009 01:10:10 64.24Mb
Nussy Joins the show to discuss Burnout and E3 X-Tras
Episode 044 – E3 Pizzacast 2009    04-Jun-2009 02:14:26 92.37Mb
The Nintendorks E3 crew discuss the expo over pizza and exotic beverages
Episode 043 – Boldly Going    22-May-2009 01:13:41 50.66Mb
Travis and iKevin host a pre-E3 show filled with predictions and other goodies
Episode 042 – Numerical Geek Reference    18-Apr-2009 01:16:34 52.63Mb
Mark and Travis jump on soap boxes to discuss Chinatown Wars, Greg & Ned being drunk, the DSi, and even the Wii Motion Plus
Episode 041 – I ExciteBot    25-Mar-2009 01:05:34 45.08Mb
Travis and Garman travel through time to talk about the GDC, Wii Play Control, and Excitebots. They cry a little too.
Episode 040 – Patrick Stewart Day    17-Mar-2009 00:46:01 31.66Mb
Nintendorks Radio Legend Joey (BITD) joins Mark to discuss things almost entirely unrelated to games along with some community updates
Episode 039 – Compliment Juice    05-Mar-2009 01:03:10 43.43Mb
Mark and Travis Reunite to chat with Greg about current games including BattleField Heroes, Flower, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Episode 038 – Grope and Strange    04-Feb-2009 00:39:32 27.21Mb
Mark Returns with special guest host Greg to discuss what the dorks have been up to on Xbox Live
Episode 037 – The Jefferson    26-Jan-2009 01:05:11 44.81Mb
Travis is moving on up to the east side and he wanted to talk about his backlog of games with Stolle
Episode 036 – Sean Bean    11-Jan-2009 01:26:21 59.35Mb
Jake Stone, action hero, joins Travis on an adventure through Silent Hill
Episode 035 – Things You Can’t Afford    06-Dec-2008 01:01:24 42.23Mb
Mark comes back from the crusades to remind me there is money to be spent. This sends me into a downward spiral for the holidays just like my parents originally intended. We discuss what we want for xmas in between tears
Episode 034 – What are you thankful for    22-Nov-2008 01:18:47 54.15Mb
The Wii is two years old and, in spite of it all, we are thankful. Recent news and things to be thankful for in gaming are also discussed
Episode 033 – Tactical Radio Espionage Action    16-Nov-2008 01:14:42 51.34Mb
Garman and Travis talk about secretive spy video games using secret messages and invisibility
Episode 032 – Too Many Games    08-Nov-2008 01:01:29 21.17Mb
We talk about too many games… because there are too many. Also, Mark died
Episode 031 – Insert Title Here    04-Oct-2008 00:55:47 38.36Mb
MegaMan 9, Wario Land: Shake It, DSi, Sin & Punishment 2, etc. Nintendo is doing things again and we talk about it!
Episode 030 – Spore Unleashed    20-Sep-2008 00:39:34 27.23Mb
Travis returns to discuss the wonders of Spore and Force Unleashed. Yes it’s another episode in which Mark and Travis talk about Star Wars
Episode 029 – Eastbound and Down    13-Sep-2008 00:36:38 25.21Mb
Special Guest Host Jai joins Mark to discuss Awesome Nintendo DS Games and vauge memories of Dorkfest 2008
Episode 028 – Brewing it Old School    06-Sep-2008 00:24:52 17.13Mb
What mysteries are there to DS homebrew? Find out on this episode as Mark and Travis delve into the darkest reaches of space. Pokemon Too
Episode 027 – Singular Winner    23-Aug-2008 00:36:33 25.16Mb
Contest Winner is Announced plus previews of upcoming games
Episode 026 – The World of Tomorrow    07-Aug-2008 00:46:56 32.29Mb
News Update, Talk of The Future
Episode 025 – New Cake Part 4    30-Jul-2008 00:37:11 25.6Mb
New Staffer Cory is Interviewed
Episode 024 – I Want to Believe    25-Jul-2008 00:38:50 26.73Mb
Mark reports back in from Dorkfest 2008 and Boris talks about E3 News
Episode 023 – ChronoFest    12-Jul-2008 00:52:28 36.03Mb
Travis and special guest host Garman, talk about Chrono Trigger DS and check in with everyone at Dorkfest
Episode 022 – New Cake Part 3    07-Jul-2008 00:40:14 27.63Mb
Mark and Travis interview famed and recently deified staffer Kevin. Magic Eight Balls and another special announcement help us pad time for the show
Episode 021 – New Cake Part 2    06-Jul-2008 01:00:55 41.88Mb
Brandon joins Mark and Travis to discuss the news staffers and to make a very special announcement
Episode 020 – New Cake Part 1    30-Jun-2008 00:33:57 23.37Mb
Mark and Travis interview new staffer Adam “Shadowking”
Episode 019 – Why did it have to be cakes    25-Jun-2008 00:47:26 21.77Mb
Lego Indiana Jones, Old Games and Crystal Skull
Episode 018 – Summer Lovin    19-Jun-2008 00:37:23 17.18Mb
Spore Report and Summer Game drought suggestions
Episode 017 – Solid Cake    16-Jun-2008 00:56:47 26.06Mb
MGS4 Impressions and Actual Nintendo News
Episode 016 – Volcano Dragon    24-May-2008 00:48:41 22.35Mb
Our Perfect Games?
Episode 015 – Up Up And Away    10-May-2008 00:41:14 18.93Mb
Mark and Boris tackle Crappy Superhero Games
Episode 014 – Grand Theft Kart    04-May-2008 00:38:05 17.49Mb
Mario Kart Wii and GTA4 Impressions
Episode 013 – The Wiizard    26-Apr-2008 01:08:10 31.26Mb
Mark and Boris review the 1989 classic The Wizard with the help of a special guest Garman
Episode 012 – Get Out of My Dreams Get Into My Car    05-Apr-2008 00:48:20 22.18Mb
Racing Games, The Good, The Bad, and The Dorky
Episode 011 – Smashing    01-Apr-2008 00:34:29 15.87Mb
Noobs review Super Smash Bros
Episode 010 – Dude Tubes    30-Mar-2008 00:48:30 22.26Mb
Mark and Travis discuss Online play, The Wii, its future, and beyond
Nintendorks News Network – Special Report – Super Smash Bros Brawl Release    09-Mar-2008 00:39:37 18.79Mb
Our special correspondents in the field report on the SSBB release
Episode 009 – Dork Fight Club    08-Mar-2008 00:37:11 17.08Mb
Best Fighting Games, a Smashingly good time
Episode 008 – Famous Titties    01-Mar-2008 01:11:43 32.86Mb
Special Guest Host Brandon and Xbox 360 games Dorks may like
Episode 007 – Game Galore    23-Feb-2008 00:43:36 19.98Mb
Star Trek Chatter, Community News, and Audiosurf
Episode 006 – Super Spoiler Bros    16-Feb-2008 01:09:27 31.82Mb
Inaccurate preview of Super Smash Bros Brawl
Episode 005 – Puzzle Guest    10-Feb-2008 00:53:15 24.41Mb
Special Guest JBond64 bores us with talk of video games
Episode 004 – Perfect Strangers    02-Feb-2008 00:31:01 14.23Mb
Forum Stuff and Surprise Guests, the suprise is that they do not know they are guests
Episode 003 – Star Wars    26-Jan-2008 00:40:41 18.66Mb
Why do so many Star Wars games suck?
Episode 002 – Dishonest AND Stupid    15-Dec-2007 01:01:31 28.19Mb
Listener feedback, Wii Shortages, Mario Galaxy, and More!
Episode 001 – The Zeo and BoBo Show    01-Dec-2007 00:37:40 17.27Mb
The premiere of the New Nintendorks Radio. Mark (ZeoGold) and Boris (Travis) discuss the return of Nintendorks and other game related subjects