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ATTN: Bronies, Two Days Left to Get Your Own Magical Horse Pokémon

If you’re still playing Pokémon Black or White but haven’t been paying attention to the official Pokémon website because you’ve been too busy playing Pokémon, then heads up.
Time is running out to grab one of the special event-only giveaway monsters: The Mythical Colt Pokémon, Keldeo. Keldeo has been available to download at GameStop stores across the United States since August 27th, and this Saturday marks the FINAL OPPORTUNITY* for obsessive-compulsives to avoid a future full of regret, at least where Pokémon is concerned. Transferring Keldeo from Pokémon Black or White to Black 2 or White 2 (which conveniently launch Sunday, the day after the giveaway ends; I see what they did there) unlocks some special jazz, namely a secret area where Keldeo learns a special move and turns into a more badass-looking form. With that in mind, gallop down to your local GameStop on your real horse before October 7th so you can claim a fake horse to love and cherish while neglecting your real horse.

Keep in mind that trying to fuck Keldeo will void your Nintendo system’s warranty.

*Until they do another giveaway a few years from now for the next series of games.

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